Summer is here….don’t forget the sunscreen

I love the energy of summer.  I can feel the excitement as I listen to people plan their vacations and outdoor activities.  What I don’t love is the intensity of the feels like it is burning a hole right through me!  In some ways this may be true.  As the temperatures soar, so does the UV

This is a must read!

Today, I am going to tell you about Joe Pinella and I have to say, this is one of the most amazing stories of healing that I think I have ever heard. I was first introduced to Joe several years ago when I attended one of his Qigong classes here in Tucson. I had been

ChiWalking is my new favorite thing!

I have just returned from a class called ChiWalking and it was amazing! This is the second class I have taken in the past two weeks and I can already feel a difference when I move. This is good news for me because I haven't been going on my morning walks as often due to

On a Personal Note

When I sat down to write this article, I struggled with finding a topic. As I was thinking about different ideas, my mind seemed so preoccupied with thoughts of my brother who has been struggling with depression and anxiety for some time now. Over the past year, the severity of his depression escalated and I

The Power Of Purple

Today it's all about the power of purple! That’s right...we are going to give some much needed love to all of the amazing purple vegetables out there! Have you been seeing more of them at your local market? I know I have. Cauliflower, potatoes, spring onions, carrots, cabbage and beets...these are just some of the

Got Magnesium?

Did you know that magnesium is involved in over 300 metabolic processes in your body?   I knew it was important for your muscles and bones, but I was blown away by everything else that it does.  Magnesium is a mineral used by every organ in your body especially your heart, muscles and kidneys.  It helps with thyroid

Are You Cooking With Toxins?

When it comes to healthy eating, there are so many things to think about to ensure you are getting the most nutrition from your food.  Shopping at farmers markets, buying organic and non-GMO produce, choosing grassfed meats and wild caught fish are just a few of those things.   However, there is something you may not have given much thought

Free Your Mind

"Free your mind and the rest will follow." This has become my new mantra in my quest to incorporate more meditation into my daily regime. Even though I am well aware of the benefits of meditation and how it reduces stress, boosts your immune system and builds new brain cells, I still seem to struggle

Boost your brain with HIIT

I hope you had a chance to watch some or perhaps all of the Broken Brain docuseries.  I thought the information was fascinating but also a bit scary!  The number of people that suffer from some type of brain dysfunction is staggering.  However, there is hope!  If we start taking steps now, many of our "broken brain"

My favorite remedy for whatever ails you!

It's official....the cold and flu season has arrived! And it is a bad one! The latest report is that the flu virus is in all states except Hawaii and has affected an estimated 12 million people! Apparently, the severity is due to the fact that the H3N2 strain is one of the most aggressive we've