Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I thought this would be the perfect time to share my favorite video about gratitude.

Although it’s been a couple years since I first saw this video, every time I watch it, I’m instantly reminded of what’s truly important.

I am reminded that true gratitude comes from appreciating all of the little things in my life.  The things that I can so easily take for granted.

I am reminded to look for those little things each and every day instead of just one day of the year.

And, I am reminded that when I believe that everything in my life is a gift, I know I will never run out of things to be grateful for.

How about you?  Do you need a reminder?  If so, take a few moments to watch this video and you will begin to see the blessings that are all around you.

When you spend time every day to be grateful for them all, then it will be a good day!