A passion for health provides a wide variety of health related services in consulting, nutrition, and massage therapy.  My focus on health is what creates dramatic change in every part of a person’s life.  Below is a breakdown of some of the individual services that I provide:

Health and Nutritional Coaching

My coaching services are a comprehensive assessment of your overall state of health.  The process begins by looking at every aspect of your life from your daily practices to the food that you eat to the methods you use to find relaxation. One of the fundamental building blocks of how well we function is what we feed our bodies.  The simple fact is that what you eat can have a dramatic affect on your short and long term health and happiness.  Together we will determine how we can bring your life into balance.

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Massage and Relaxation Therapy

I offer a range of massage therapy services such as standard massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, and cranial sacral therapy.  These services are part of an overall focus on health, wellness and relaxation.

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