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Brrrrrace yourself…..it’s cold out there!

Tucson and freezing are two words that are rarely used in the same sentence.  However, if you were in Tucson last week, I am certain the word freezing rolled off your tongue at least once.  I know I said it A LOT!!  Not only did we have overnight lows hovering around 28 degrees, we also

Make this your New Year’s resolution!

As the year comes to a close and we begin 2019, what are your thoughts for the coming year? Are you thinking about starting the year off with some resolutions?  If so, you are definitely not alone!  January is the time when many of us declare our goals to eat better, lose weight, exercise more, meditate every day...the list goes on

Traveling for the holidays?? Check out my travel essentials.

Traveling during the holidays can be a mixed bag.  On one hand it's a blessing because you know that when you arrive at your destination you will be spending time with family and friends (hopefully that's a blessing!).  On the other hand, the logistics of actually getting there, especially this time of year, can sometimes be challenging.  So when

Here’s how I “adapt” to holiday stress!

I have to admit I really love the holidays.  I know it's a crazy time of year, but I love listening to Christmas music and looking at all the beautiful lights and decorations.  Watching Hallmark movies is my not so secret obsession and finding the perfect present for everyone on my list makes me super happy!  Even though these things bring me

A holiday dessert that everyone will love!!

Thanksgiving is just a week away which means one thing.....a day filled with family, friends and a whole LOT of food!! The turkey, the stuffing, all those great veggie side dishes.....my mouth is watering just thinking about it!! But, let's be honest.....the real star of any holiday meal is the dessert? And when it comes

Find your balance with Ayurveda

Welcome to November!!   Kind of hard to believe it’s November here in Tucson since our temps are still in the 80's....ugh!!  I did however just return from a trip to Chicago and it definitely felt like November there!  The cool, crisp air and the array of fall colors.....let's just say I was in heaven!!  As I piled on the layers of

Is Carob the new chocolate???

Many of you know about my love of chocolate.  I mean what’s not to love, right?   But when it comes to chocolate, I am a total purist.   I go for the real deal...raw, organic cacao.  I remember the first time I tasted raw cacao.  It was about ten years ago when I attended a class on how to make

Lower your blood pressure with these foods…

High blood pressure....it's a condition that many people are all too familiar with.  In fact, nearly half of the adult population has high blood pressure!  And some people may not even know it because more often than not there are no obvious symptoms.  That's why high blood pressure/hypertension has earned the nickname "the silent killer."   And when high blood pressure

I Am a Grinder

That's right.....I grind my teeth when I sleep!  Now I know this is not the worst thing in the world by any means, but it can lead to all sorts of other issues such as TMJ, dental problems and even neck and back pain.  Most folks know if they are a grinder, however, sometimes someone is totally unaware

I Went Forest Bathing…

Well, I wasn't actually taking a bath in the forest, although the thought did cross my mind!   The term forest bathing refers to being in nature and "soaking" up all of the amazing, awe inspiring energy that exists in the trees.  And that is exactly what I did recently at a retreat in Scotts Valley, California.  The retreat