Let’s face it, we all have fears.  Of course there are the obvious ones like a fear of heights or a fear of spiders but what about those fears that crop up when you are faced with everyday decisions?  Changing careers, leaving a relationship, honestly expressing your thoughts.  Have you ever wondered if your fears are holding you back from leading the life you were meant to live?

Recently, I was faced with a decision and I asked myself that question.  My decision had to do with whether or not I should attend an event sponsored by mindbodygreen.  If you are not familiar with mindbodygreen (mbg for short), it is a “lifestyle media brand dedicated to inspiring you to live your best life – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and environmentally.”  Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?  Mbg has made quite a statement in the health and wellness world and I have become a huge fan!

Every year, mbg holds an invitation only weekend retreat called Revitalize.   It is a gathering of about 200 of the who’s who in the health and wellness industry and for the last four years, the retreat has been right here in Tucson!  Being in the same room with these people, soaking up their knowledge would be a dream come true for me…..a dream that felt way out of my reach until about two weeks ago.  That’s right, yours truly got an invitation to Revitalize!  Not because I am a “who’s who” but because I was picked based on a questionnaire I filled out months ago.  I know it sounds crazy but for the last four years I have submitted this questionnaire about myself and my business in the hopes that I would be one of the 10 people that they select from their online community to attend the retreat.  I guess the fourth time was the charm because I finally got the invitation!

I think it goes without saying that I was beyond excited!  I could not believe I was actually going to be at Revitalize this year which, by the way, is at the end of this month!  The excitement lasted for hours after the call but then I felt the fear and the self doubt start to creep in.   Not only was it the fear of stepping waaaaayy out of my comfort zone and rubbing elbows with these wellness icons, but the cost of the event was waaaaayyy out of my comfort zone as well.  Even though I got an invitation there is no free ride here!  I could tell I was beginning to “rationalize” myself out of attending an event that could be a game changer for me.  An event that I have dreamed about going to for the last four years.  Why do we do that to ourselves?  Why do we let our fears override our decisions and our dreams?

I’ll tell you why…..it takes courage to try something new or different.  It takes courage to acknowledge something about yourself.  It takes courage to admit that you need to make a change in your life.  Courage is not the absence of fear.  Everyone has fear but you are courageous when you act despite your fears!

Courage is different for everyone and someone might look at my story and think why is she afraid of going to an amazing event like Revitalize?  We all have different fears and stories that we have created around those fears.  What scares the crap out of one person may be a no brainer for someone else.

Being courageous and going forward even when you feel anxious and afraid takes heart.  When you have heart you are more able to take advantage of opportunities with confidence.   Saying yes to whatever comes your way in life without judging or resisting can be a chance to really get to know yourself.  It can be a chance to live a more meaningful life.  By moving toward a clear understanding of what you want in your life, you can begin to take the steps to create the life you were meant to live.

So, whatever it is that scares you……DO IT!  Whether you are worried, excited, afraid or a combination of all these emotions, have the courage to listen to your heart and let it guide you.  If you feel yourself hesitating before doing what you know you need to do, take a deep breath, count down from 5 and blast off into the best version of YOU!

Ready to blast off???   5…..4….3….2…..1….high five!