Traveling during the holidays can be a mixed bag.  On one hand it’s a blessing because you know that when you arrive at your destination you will be spending time with family and friends (hopefully that’s a blessing!).  On the other hand, the logistics of actually getting there, especially this time of year, can sometimes be challenging.  So when I take a trip, I never leave home without my little “goodie bag” of travel essentials.  This is my secret stash of things that I know will keep me hydrated, nourished and protected no matter what obstacles I may encounter. 

So, if you are planning to pack a bag and brave the elements this holiday season, you will definitely want to check out my list of travel essentials.  Who knows….it just might inspire you to pack your own little goodie bag!!

Water – This is by far one of the most important things to have with you when you travel.  Since you cannot bring a water bottle through security, I always pack an empty stainless steel bottle in my carry on.  Stainless steel is super lightweight and it will keep liquids hot or cold.  We all know how bad plastic water bottles are (not to mention they are a total rip off in the airport), so once I am through security, I stop at one of the coffee stands and have them fill my bottle for free.  I usually get hot water, toss in a tea bag and off I go!

Tea – I always pack a variety of tea bags.  I love Pukka teas because they have high quality organic ingredients and a multitude of healthy formulas.  Turmeric, ginger, Echinacea, elderberry, licorice – all of these healing herbs are just what you need when you are traveling.

Medicinal mushrooms – In addition to my tea bags, I’m kind of obsessed with Four Sigmatic medicinal mushrooms.  If you are not familiar with medicinal mushrooms, you really need to be.  They are full of nutrition and an awesome way to boost your immune system.  I prefer the chaga mushroom elixir but they also have a mushroom hot cacao mix (yum) and a mushroom coffee mix.  They come in single serving packets so you simply add one packet to 8 oz. of hot water, stir and enjoy!

Immune broth – This is a fairly recent addition to my travel bag.  I discovered these little gems near the bottled bone broth in the grocery store.  They are individual packets by a company called Beyond Broth.  I like the Immune packet which has sweet potato, carrot, beet, leek, garlic, spinach, nettles, parsley, basil, celery seed, turmeric, cumin, reishi mushroom and black pepper.  All ingredients are organic, non-gmo, gluten and dairy free.   Just add the packet to a 10 oz. cup of hot water and you have an instant vegetable broth.  I don’t like to eat on the plane but if I am hungry, drinking a cup of this really hits the spot!

Nut butter – I know I just said I don’t like to eat on the plane, but you never know when you might get stuck with a long layover.  It can be hard to find healthy food in the airport so I always stash a few packets of nut butter and some crackers.  Artisana makes 1 oz. packets of organic almond butter, pecan butter, walnut butter and coconut butter.  Just tear open a packet and squeeze the nut butter on a cracker, apple slice or directly in your mouth!  One of my favorite crackers to travel with is by Mauk Family Farms.  Each cracker comes in a sealed wrapper so you don’t need to pack a whole box.  And one cracker is plenty big…..check it out in the photo below.

Cookies – Sometimes I’m craving a little sweet treat while I wait for my luggage so I never leave home without my O’coconut cookies and a few squares of Lulu’s chocolate.  These nuggets are individually wrapped, easy to stash and really hit the spot when you are on the run.

Essential oils – I am a huge fan of essential oils and the brand that is always in my bag is Kate’s Magic.  These oils are amazing and they are made right here in Tucson.  The one oil that I travel with is called Banditos.  This is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, white sage, and vitamin E in a base of almond oil.  All of these oils help support the immune system.  I carry the roll on and the spray.  The spray comes in handy if you are sitting next to someone who is sneezing or coughing.  Just give a couple squirts to kill all those germs floating around!  I also carry another essential oil blend called Motion Eaze.  I used to take Dramamine as a preventative for motion sickness, but I recently found Motion Eaze and it works great.  Just a few dabs behind your ears and you are good to go!

Zinc lozenges – The air in planes and airports can be sooo dry.  Keeping your throat moist is a must when it comes to fighting off bugs.  This is the bodies first line of defense which is why I always pack a few of these zinc lozenges in my bag.  Zinc helps to keep your immune system functioning properly and it also helps reduce stress levels!

Magnesium – Last but certainly not least is my beloved magnesium.  If I only had one thing in my travel bag, it would definitely be the single serving packets of Natural Vitality Natural Calm magnesium.  It is good for so many things.  Magnesium calms your nerves, helps you sleep, helps you poop….I know….no one likes to talk about pooping but we all do it and it’s no secret that traveling can sometimes cause a bit of a back up if you know what I mean.  Magnesium is so great for keeping things moving in the right direction!!

There you have it.  You now know what’s in my “goodie bag.”  So, whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, be sure to pick up these travel essentials at your local health food store and pack your own “goodie bag.” 

And if you do happen to encounter any obstacles along the way, always remember to take a deep breath and think of it as an opportunity to practice patience, loving kindness and most of all, gratitude. 

Wishing you safe travels and Happy Holidays,