There is something so magical about being out in nature and this past weekend was no exception.  As I headed out on an early morning bike ride last Sunday, I spotted this herd of elk and it literally stopped me in my tracks!

Watching these beautiful animals quietly graze in this field of grass was like a morning meditation.  And the sound of the males bugling was music to my ears.  It truly was a magical moment.

When it comes to the power of nature, I am constantly amazed.  Being out in nature not only provides an effective way for reducing stress, anxiety and depression but it also boosts your immunity, raises your energy level and increases your ability to heal.  It’s basically a one stop shop for improving your overall well being and I can always use more of that!

So whether you are in the mountains, near the ocean or you simply step out into your own backyard, be sure to enjoy every minute of the healing, restorative qualities of being out in nature.  It really is the best medicine!

I hope you have a great day!