Have you ever had to make a decision and you just could not decide?  One minute you decide one way and the next minute you change your mind and go with something else.  This happens to me all the time…just ask my sister!   And, if the decision involves a financial purchase, forget about it!  Once I get caught up in this vicious cycle, I can drive myself crazy.   But then I remember to ask myself one simple question…”Is this a full body yes?”

The first time I heard this phrase was last year while I was having a conversation with my business coach.  As usual, I was going back and forth about a decision and she finally said to me, “Denise, stop for a moment, quiet your mind and ask yourself “is this a full body yes?”  I had never heard this before but I thought it was genius!  And guess what…it actually worked!  Once I tuned in, I was able to make my decision.

So, what exactly is a “full body yes?”  Well, we’ve all heard the the term “trust your gut.”  I have always used this as my barometer for decision making but sometimes my “gut” instinct is telling me one thing and my mind is pulling me in another direction.  A “full body yes” is when you scan your body for what you are feeling, thinking and doing.  How does your body feel?  Do you feel tension anywhere in your body?  What are you thinking right now?  As you tune in to what you are thinking and feeling, you will begin to feel the answer.  A “yes” is often a very subtle feeling in the body whereas a “no” feels tense.

Recently, as I was struggling with a decision, I knew I needed to tune in.  As many of you know I have been teaching cooking classes with my sister.  Our last one was a couple weeks ago and I really wanted to have another event in November before the holidays.  My first thought was another one day retreat.  I had it all planned out and I was certain it would come together but, for various reasons, it became obvious the retreat was not going to happen.  So, I went to Plan B.  I thought I would do an expanded version of a cooking class and combine some of my ideas for the retreat into the class but once again I kept running into obstacles.  I found myself pushing to make something happen and at the same time I was questioning whether or not I should even do a class!  That’s when I realized I needed to stop, quiet my mind and tune in to find the answer.

This process is all about getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable which is never easy for me.  As I tried to settle in and listen to my body (again not easy with the tinnitus in my left ear…ugh!), I began to feel it.  Deciding to let go of the class for now was beginning to feel like a “full body yes.”  I knew it was the right decision because I began to feel comfortable again.

Once I made my decision, something really amazing happened!   Within a week an opportunity to co-teach a class in November with a friend of mine presented itself!  So I guess that’s the reason the retreat and the cooking class were not working out.  I was supposed to go in a different direction!  If I had kept on pushing to make my class work, I’m certain I would have missed this opportunity.

Sometimes the path that leads us towards our dreams can be challenging.  It’s easy to feel confused which may lead us to question our decisions.  When we understand that we only need to trust ourselves and know that we will make the best decision, then we can begin to surrender.

Whatever is happening in your life right now, accept it.  Nothing happens without a purpose.  Trust that you will always receive what you need in order to grow so there can be no wrong decisions.  Sometimes we can feel like we made a wrong decision, but if it’s a “full body yes,” it will be the right one for you.

Is there a decision that you are struggling with?  Is it time to quiet your mind and tune in to find the answer?  Give it a try….the only thing you have to lose is your indecision!

I hope you are having a “decidedly” beautiful day!

Be sure to stay tuned for all the details on the upcoming cooking class!

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