As we head into February, I thought this might be a good time to check in and see how you’re doing with your goals for 2020.  Are you still on track or have you slipped back into some old habits?

If you are feeling like you’re not exactly where you would like to be, you are definitely not alone.   Statistics show that once February rolls around, most people have abandoned their goals for the new year.   Have you ever wondered why we start out with the best intentions and then come to a screeching halt so soon after the start of a new year?

For many of us, one reason may be that we are a little too ambitious when we set our goals for the year ahead.  Lose weight, eat more vegetables, exercise, meditate……too many goals all at once can feel overwhelming and eventually cause you to throw in the towel.

Another reason might be that the new year falls during the season when all of nature is in hibernation.  Winter is meant to be a time to slow down; a time of quiet contemplation and self discovery.  It’s the season to plant seeds so that when spring rolls around we are ready to blossom.  Perhaps, if we think of the new year as our time to “plant seeds,” it can be our starting point to implement small incremental changes that, over time, will become lasting permanent changes.

So, with that thought in mind, I have 4 tips to help you blossom this spring:

1.  Get into a routine

In order to incorporate a healthy new habit, you will need to make it part of your existing routine.  This can be difficult for many of us.  Our minds are geared toward our existing routine (yes, we are creatures of habit) and even the slightest modification can be challenging.  The best way to set yourself up for success is to keep it simple.  For example, let’s say you always crave something sweet (and maybe not so healthy) in the afternoon.  If you replace that sweet treat with a healthy snack like an apple, and you commit to doing this every day, you are communicating to your brain that this is the new pattern.  Before you know it you will forget all about that sweet treat and grab an apple instead!

2.  Have a back up plan

Part of successfully achieving your goals is having a plan to overcome any obstacles (aka life) that will occur.  Let’s say you have a goal to go for a walk in the morning before work.  You’ve been staying on track but one morning you wake up and it’s pouring rain outside.   Your back up plan may be to take your walk on your lunch hour (assuming the rain has stopped) or utilize the time in the morning for a quiet meditation.  Having a back up plan allows you to rest easy and not waste energy worrying that life did not go according to your plan.

3.  Be accountable

Most people find they are more likely to achieve their goals when they are being held accountable.  As you begin to incorporate changes, do what you can to gather support from the people in your life.  Whether it is someone with a similar goal, a friend, your partner or a private coach, surround yourself with positive people who will motivate you and help you succeed.

4.  Never give up

Last but not least, it’s never too late to get yourself back on track.  I believe the key to making any lasting change is to honor where you are right now.  Accept that you are starting something new and, although it may be challenging, you are doing something that is truly important to you.  Allow self compassion to be your guide as you let go of old patterns and begin the journey to transform your life.  When you adjust your approach to goal setting, you will feel inspired and empowered to stay on track and never give up!

If you would like to know more about how I can support you as a health coach, take advantage of my free 30 minute consultation.  During this one on one session, we will discuss your goals and together we will design a plan to help you get to where you want to be.  The consultation is completely free with no obligation so you’ve go nothing to lose!

Stay strong and enjoy the journey,

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